Joacim Cans

Lead vocals
I was born in the small town of Mora in February 1970 and spent most of my time as a kid trying out different sport activities. After a careful evaluation I decided to put the focus on swimming and at the age of 14 I was part of the National Junior Team. As my interest for sports faded I found a new passion for Heavy Metal music. A friend of mine joined a punk rock band as a singer I thought that if he could sing I could sing. I started to brag amongst the metal dudes in Mora that I was the greatest singer ever and a band contacted me try for their band. This was probably the worst experience of my life, and theirs aswell, due to the fact that I couldn’t sing at all and they never even spoke to me again. I bought a guitar instead and from that day on I decided never to sing again. At the age of 16 I formed my first band, Eternity, and we tried to play speed metal, but as far as I remember it sounded more like punk rock. It was impossble to find a good singer so I ended up doing both the guitar playing and the singing. My voice started to develop and after the band broke up in 1988 I formed Round and Round, a band where I finally put the guitar aside focusing only on the microphone. In this band I also met Roger Johansson, that later became the video director of the HammerFall clips “Renegade”, “Always Will Be” & “Hearts on Fire”. Eventually the band broke up and decided never to sing again. At the age of 21 I got a phone call from a band called Highlander that needed help doing a live show. I didn’t really wanna do it, but I thought “What the hell”, and decided to help them out. This was the turning point in my life and I acctualy stayed in this band for almost 5 years. At this point I also decided to train my voice to see how good it could get with a proper education. In 1993 I enrolled at the infamous music school Musicians Institute i Hollywood, California. My time at the school was fantastic and I really brought many things into the singer and performer I am today. Without the knowledge how to use my voice properly I wouldn’t last for a full tour. During this period of time I met Stefan Elmgren and for the coming 10 years we joined forces working together in various bands and projects. On my return from USA the metal scene in Gteborg was not to be recognized. Every band looking for a singer played grunge, and I was definatelly not into that. A friend of mine called and asked me to join his band Mrs. Hippe. I said “No Way”. He said that I could do whatever I wanted with the vocals and that they didn’t really play grunge. Well, I gave it a try and the outcome of this collaboration is to be find on the 2000 release “Lotus”. A cross over between Stoner Rock and Heavy Metal. It didn’t really work, but we had one hell of a time. Shortly after this experience I recieved another phone call. This time it was a guy called Jesper that was in a band called HammerFall. They also needed help doing one show and I decided that this would be the last thing I would do as a singer. My dreams about being able to record a heavy metal album seemed to be too far fetched, so maybe I was better off selling CDs at the local record store. I met up with Oscar, Jesper, Glenn & Fredrik and what happened from that day on was far beyond my wildest dreams.