Pontus Norgren

Guitar and backing vocals
At the tender age of twelve I picked up the guitar, heavily influenced by my older brother’s Thin Lizzy albums. Prior to this I had been trained in singing as well as other instruments at a prestigious music school in Stockholm, however it wasn’t the classical music that would lit the flame in me; it was metal that inspired me to form my first rock band with a couple of friends. A few years and a couple of bands later, I formed Great King Rat together with a couple of other talented, young and ambitious musicians. The band was sworn to greatness but because of a series of unfortunate mishaps and severe management problems the band split up in the early nineties and we went our separate ways. After that, I joined Jekyll and Hyde, consisting of among others Jakob Samuel, (the Poodles) on lead vocals, Stefan Molander (Gemini Five) and Marcus Jidell (Royal Hunt). During this time I also played guitar in Talisman, together with Marcel Jacob and Jeff Scott Soto. I somehow found the time to record a solo album, which I both wrote and produced myself. As a sound engineer and producer I have worked with a lot of big and famous bands, building up a great reputation. Candelmass, Glenn Huges, Europe, Yngwie Malmsteen and Twisted sister are some of the bands I have worked with. When I played with The Ring, a band formed together with his old band mates Marcus Jidell and Jacob Samuel, we toured with Motorhead and Sepultura, a tour that I remember fondly. In 2006 I once again joined a band fronted by Jacob Samuel, this time the Swedish metal band The Poodles. We participated in the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest that same year and ended up in forth place. This lead to two years of tireless touring around Sweden and Europe as well as two successful albums. In 2008 I was offered a place in HammerFall and immediately jumped at the opportunity. The chance to play harder music combined with the opportunity to work with good friends made it easy for me to make the switch. And here we are now!