Fredrik Larsson

Bass and backing vocals
Born August 14th 1974, in Lindome just outside Gothenburg. Started with the piano but didn’t have the patience to learn how to read notes, and the songs we were playing in school wasn’t that hardcore either. I wanted to ROCK!!! Naturally, I picked up one of my father’s guitars and tried to learn the songs of my idols, like Accept, Metallica and Iron Maiden among others. I started playing with my friends and realized that most bands were looking for bass players. There were guitarists and drummers everywhere but no one really cared for the bass. I switched immediately and haven’t regretted it since! Got my first bass at Christmas when I was around 12. Played a lot with different constellations of friends, I think one of my first bands were called Black Master. We could hardly play but we had tons of fun! In ‘93 I met Oscar for the first time and I joined Crystal Age. We recorded “Far Beyond Divine Horizons” the following year, but since the release was delayed all interest of continuing died. Shortly thereafter Oscar asked if I wanted to join HammerFall, and you know the story: record deal, “Glory to the Brave” and I quit… There was so much going on at that time and I wanted to play Thrash and Deathmetal so I did what I think was best for the band and left my spot open for someone who would give 100% for HammerFall. 10 years passed and I played with a couple of bands: None, DeathDestruction, Cans and Evergrey, but didn’t play on any albums. When Joacim called me and asked if I was interested in rejoining HammerFall, I didn’t hesitate. I never regretted that I left, but I would never forgive myself if I didn’t take this chance.